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  • Art Expo Budapest - Art Now

    An art that reveals the artist's creativity and the intimate impulses of his soul.

    Sandro Serradifalco

  • Hidden Canvases

    Lorenzo Chinnici, his new book ‘’Hidden Canvases’’. World preview in Sicily.

    The new book, "Hidden canvases" (Tele Nascoste), regarding Lorenzo Chinnici will be presented in Catania on 14th December at 6pm, written by the surgeon Diego Celi and also enhanced by a preface written by José Van Roy Dalí (son of Salvador Dalí) published by Giambra Editori.

    The text does not celebrate Chinnici's art, but marks the many emotions and stories of what has happened behind the scenes of the Master's canvases.

    The event is promoted by ‘’Faber – Il Fabbricante di idee’’ in collaboration with the publisher.

    This edition of Faber will be held on 14 and 15 December, from 10.00 to 21.00 at the historic Palazzo del Toscano, built around 1870 as the town residence of the Paternò marquises of Tuscany.

    The event will host 40 exhibitors (Sicily's best artisans) from all over Sicily, which will present their creations in the splendid rooms of the palace, will be the setting for Chinnici's book preview, which will symbolically dialogue with the artisan goods made in Sicily, known for their excellence.

    HIDDEN CANVASES (Giambra Editori 2019) Italian/English edition.

    The protagonist is Master Lorenzo Chinnici, but the text is not a celebration of his pictorial art, it is rather a psychological tale of the continuous conflict in relation with his son: this clash is the real hidden canvas of Lorenzo's production. The other fundamental figure of this existential canvas is his wife: she is supposed to guide the family chariot with two leading horses, husband and son, who both can't stand the bridles. 

    Diego Celi, author of this text, writes José Van Roy Dali, son of Salvador Dalì, in the preface:

    “…to caress a thought, to wander within the clouds of fantasy….to be transmitted with the ingenuity of a child or with the arrogance of an adult in a story that, from its first few lines, ignites curiosity and leads the reader to continue with joyful emotion that leads to expand the boundaries of the imagination to enter an unreal reality in which anything is possible….”




    Diego Celi - José Van Roy Dalí

  • My Origins

    MY ORIGINI - Lorenzo Chinnici

    Pace del Mela (me). 20 December 2019. Palazzo Lo Sciotto hosts the works of the Master Lorenzo Chinnici (Merì, 1942) from 20 December 2019 to 7 January 2020. The exhibition represents an opportunity to immerse yourself not only in art but also in the magical Christmas atmosphere. On display the Master's unpublished Nativity scenes and a unique collection of paintings.

    The presentation of HIDDEN TELE is added to the exhibition of the Master's works. The book is written by Diego Celi, enriched by the preface by Josè Van Roy Dalì (son of Salvator Dalì) and published by Giambra Editori. The text does not celebrate Chinnici's art, but explores the emotions and background of the Maestro's canvases.

    It is in this exceptional location that Lorenzo Chinnici inaugurates his new exhibition in his native land, Pace del Mela, the Maestro's country of adoption. After an international exhibition career that has touched cities such as Paris, Milan, London and New York, the time has come for Chinnici to confront his roots, to return to his origins. Bucolic scenes dotted with beaches, fishermen, wooden boats, washerwomen and farmers at work. Symbolic and 'faceless' protagonists who evoke the colors and memories of a Sicily governed by the moods of the sky and the sea.

    Lorenzo Chinnici and the municipality of Pace del Mela entrust the YOUTH of the Valle del Mela area with the entire organization, design and finalization of this Vernissage, as a sign of hope, a challenge to start from the dark with a ray of light made of children of this tortured land, protagonist over the years, for a series of unpleasant facts due to pollution.

    ART spokesman with his call for a pure message of hope and salvation.

    Diego Celí - Pierangelo Giambra

  • Tanka - Pass Away.

    Tanka - Pass Away.
    Trail of poetry,
    being on the way
    moved by something else.
    Wait for it to turn.
    Mirror of the body, the Soul.

    Francesco Curró

  • Lorenzo Chinnici

    Lorenzo Chinnici a painter who knows how to fix the immediacy of the gesture with a brilliant talent, his works represent simple scenes of everyday life, colored with strong and warm colors that know how to give the paintings great personality and originality, colors that have surely immortalized the master in the history of painting. His training began at a young age, he had a great Sicilian teacher like him, Renato Guttuso, and in his artistic career, he had very important friends such as the Milanese Ernesto Treccani, the Messina Giuseppe Migneco, the Ragusa Salvatore Fiume, the Milanese Aligi Sassu and Ugo Nespolo from Biella, these friendships cannot be bought, you only have if you have talent and know how to paint, many of his exhibitions in Italy and abroad, his success is national and international, I conclude with this thought of the great painter Giovanni Segantini: Art refines the heart and elevates it while science limits it to matter and dries it up.

    Giancarlo Garancini