ST.Andrea's Church

ST.Andrea's Church - Santi Andrea e Vito

This artwork in all its glory differentiates itself from the previous Crucifixion painting by Lorenzo Chinnici. This is not a deliberate choice. The sufferings related to the Greek tragedies are replaced by a sequence of the artist’s hidden pain. The artist identifies himself with this masterpiece by transferring his agony for the advancement of the loss of his sight, knowing that it will lead to blindness. The theatrical portrayal of a hermetic world of this emotion unites his torment with that of Christ. The many moments of panic while painting, the anguish and hope of the artist flow and intersect simultaneously arriving to a point of experiencing the suffering similar to that of Christ. The artist paints as though he is already blind, a pure rationalized energy, catalyzed by his unexplainable internal propulsions. A message not only for Catholics but to the world and of all religions, to those who are in suffering and to all who are looking for “the “ reason of Life. When one finds themselves in this vortex, everything seems hazy, there is a part of our soul united with hope,an uncontrollable force and energy, partially tied and softened by the artist, which moves and contrasts harmoniously. Without practically looking at the surface touched by the stroke of the brush, almost unable to see, the artist forgets all the technical forms of balance, convention and parameters of painting. The patterns begin to form from panic and rebellious energycombined with hope, coordinated with a method acquired over time by the artist. Lorenzo Chinnici asks his clients to look beyond the superficial image and try to read between the lines as their opinions are his best critics for his work.